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About Us


Learning in Practice

The future of our students is one we can’t possibly predict. So, how can we prepare them for it? Our answer is simple - adaptability. Holywell students learn to apply the kind of agile, innovative thinking that adapts to any situation alongside the adventurousness and self-resolve.

Our learning practice is rooted in progressive educational philosophy, employs a variety of methods to engage and entice students to demand more of themselves. For each student, demonstration of knowledge looks slightly different, but our intentionally designed curriculum focuses every lesson, and our passionate teachers guide each learner toward the same end result.

At Holywell, students work toward mastery of their learning alongside mastery of each learning moment that composes the problem-solving process. Ultimately, this instils in them the ability to adapt and positively impact any future they choose to unfold.

At Holywell, we admit children from 9 months to 1-year olds and above. Our motto is “Every Child Matters” this set the tone for our teaching and learning philosophy and defines how we engage with and support our children. We seek to ensure that majority of our teaching approaches and activities is IT driven, research based, and learner-cantered.

We incorporate the Ghana Education Service curriculum alongside the Montessori teaching approach in order to expose our children to a rich and varied teaching methods and experiences. Thereby seeking to broaden their outlook and help them develop skills and experience which will enable them to compete with standards anywhere in the world.

Again, we apply the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM approach which helps the children to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. Holywell International School is strongly biased towards Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology and Entrepreneurship. We therefore intend to train and develop ‘JOB CREATORS’ instead of ‘JOB SEEKERS’

We emphasize on experiential and project-based learning, this enforces students understanding. Our students are encouraged to peruse their interest and what they are passionate about.