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At Holywell we believe that good attendance and punctuality is vital to the educational development of our children. As a result, we seek to maximize the opportunities for children to learn, grow, develop and create lasting friendships with other children.  

We promote excellent attendance to ensure that all learners benefit academically and socially from their time with us.  We would like all our children to have an attendance of 95% or above.  We also seek to reduce the number of authorized and unauthorized absences to meet highest required targets.  

We tend to call our parents daily if a child fails to attend school and where necessary we visit our children at home to check up on them if we fil to make contact with the parents or where the children are unwell.

We encourage regular attendance by given prices for children with 100% attendance for any giving term.

Registration Process



The classroom doors open and the school day begins.


Classroom doors close and the school day starts.  The register is taken.  Any child arriving after this time will receive a Late mark after registration.


If a child is not in school and there has not been any contact from parents to explain the absence, the office will send a text message asking for parents to telephone the school.


If no contact has been made, the office will telephone parents on home and mobile numbers.


A second telephone is made if still no contact.  If after the second phone call, staff have been unable to speak to parents to verify the children's welfare, the Head or Deputy Head will be notified and it may be deemed necessary to visit the family home to satisfy themselves that the child is safe.

Medical Appointments

Where possible, medical and dental appointments should be arranged for the end of the day and not at the start of the day.


Parents should contact the school office each day their child is ill.  Please ensure you provide details of the illness, so we can update our records.  Please provide a specific reason; feeling ill/unwell is not sufficient.