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Diversity & Inclusivity



Holywell International School strives to build a learning environment with inclusion at the centre.

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusiveness are essential to our academic programme because they provide the environment which creates opportunities for critical thinking, social and emotional regulation.

We have a strict anti-bullying policy and ensure that our children are kind to one another and where a child does not feel safe as a result of bullying, this is taken seriously and appropriate measures are taken to address any such concerns.

We are a bible believing school and nurture our children in accordance with the teachings of Christ, we are proud and bold about this. However, we accept children from all religious persuasions and do not discriminate against any child and for that matter staff in any way shape or form.

We provide inclusive curriculum in line with the Ghana Education Service Curriculum and resources to include diverse perspectives, experiences and cultures. We as well incorporate texts, literature, and other vital resources that represent various identities, histories and backgrounds around the world.

We organise regular training and professional development opportunities for facilitators and staff to enhance their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. We focus on cultural competence, anti-bias education, and strategies for creating inclusive classroom environments.

We support learner groups and initiatives that promote diversity, equity and inclusion by encouraging our learners to lead discussions, activities and events that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a school, we believe in the principles of non-discrimination and anti-discriminatory practice irrespective of one’s race, age, colour, religion and gender.  We acknowledge that our individual strengths and potentials knowing that ultimately it is these difference that bring us together to create a successful, rich and thriving environment for all.